AFTER listening to Rachel Maclean MP’s speech recently regarding the debate on Universal Credit (UC) at the Houses of Parliament and visiting one of her web pages, I was intrigued to learn that she will soon be ‘moving to Redditch as soon as possible to make her family home in Redditch’.

Having been elected as our representative, I would hope she will soon be able to fully understand the implications and long term effects UC is having on the poorest and why it has contributed to the increase in homelessness in the borough.

She may then listen to the local residents that are severely affected by this legislation and to the local council, the local housing associations, the local support agencies and the local GPs who are all struggling to work with this ill managed and victimising piece of legislation that is being challenged by myself and the Parliamentary Select Committee.

I would warn that she does not suffer the same homelessness that is happening to many claimants of UC/sanctions when she comes up for re-election and would bear in mind: ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’ when having to represent another constituency she hasn’t lived in.

Paul Hollis Batchley Redditch