I read with great concern a new report by Breast Cancer Now, “Good Enough? Breast Cancer in the UK”, which highlights how much more needs to be done to save the lives of people with breast cancer.

Although more women are surviving breast cancer than ever before, it is still the most common cancer in the UK with over 50,000 women diagnosed with the disease each year.

And still every year around 11,500 women die of breast cancer in the UK.

The report uncovered a number of issues that need to be addressed in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

These include the ability to access effective medicines to prevent and treat breast cancer, concerns about having enough specialist cancer doctors and nurses, and unprecedented financial and operational pressures within the NHS.

It is critical that progress is made across these areas, particularly as the number of those living with and beyond breast cancer is expected to rise.

That’s why I have emailed my local MP asking them to take action to ensure that Breast Cancer Now can achieve its vision that by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live.

I would encourage others to join me and email their MP by visiting: www.breastcancernow.

org/goodenough2017 Gillian Weaving Croome