The Jolly Farmer Pub, which is located in Woodrow South has recently been demolished (another one bites the dust).

Maybe you don’t like poems, but this one is a sort of ‘farewell’ to the old pub called ‘DIGGERS’.

Sinuous necks, bobbing and dipping, Like ancient dinosaurs grabbing and gripping, Where a man could come To quench his thirst These merciless monsters are doing their worst. Waltzing and weaving with sharp teeth and claws. While cruelly crushing roofs, walls and floors.

Preparing the ground, sorting and sieving to build more homes, for the loving and living, for the old and the young, for scholars and schemers, for workers and shirkers, for dancers and dreamers And those who remember, The fast fading past, The old Jolly Farmer has called “Time” at last.

Sonja F Mills

Woodrow South