AS A “baby boomer” and someone who voted for Brexit could I just say that N King should visit as his views on what he calls “the worst generation” are somewhat distorted. What I, my wife and countless others have now, is through hard work and not something that was given to us. Our first mortgage required a 10 per cent deposit, not easy when only one person in the house is at work, when our two children went to school they qualified for free school meals as my pay was so low. We had for a period, mortgage interest rates at 15 per cent. We have struggled like everyone else did, saved hard when we could and only bought things when we had the money to pay cash.

As for Brexit, I do not have a problem with migrants, on the contrary, we as a country need them. My issue is with the continual march of an seemingly unstoppable EU who are determined to strip Europe of each individual countries identity.

Paul Moore

Church Hill North