WHAT an absolute load of tosh N King of Callow Hill wrote with reference to the baby boomers’ vote in the referendum [Your View July 6].

By baby boomers I assume he means people born in the sixties which was the baby boom era, though I am of the previous generation.

Well let me tell you Mr King, we haven’t had “the best of everything given to us” like most people of that era, we worked hard for what we have and consequently fully appreciate how good we have it, and through our own efforts. We couldn’t get a mortgage six times our salary, we couldn’t afford new cars or to have holidays abroad, we did not have the opportunities to go to university, we worked for what we have and if you couldn’t afford it you didn’t have it.

How does my family having a hard earned comfortable life deny it to others? We are the best off generation in the country’s history as you say, but it didn’t come gift wrapped.

Your trouble Mr King, [I assume you are a Mr, but you can call me sexist as well if you like] you had a vote, you’re a loser, assuming you voted remain, live with it. One other point, though you will no doubt be in denial of the fact, immigration had no bearing on my leave vote at all, I have had black bosses, Polish neighbours and have an Asian daughter in law and grandson, no problem, so forget the race card.

My vote to leave was because of the criminal waste of EU money [our money] by an un-elected self satisfying elite trying to control us, and slowly succeeding. Most of southern Europe is virtually bankrupt and there is the worrying rise of far right parties across Europe because the EU is destroying national identity.

Perhaps you would like to comment on why the hysteria about splitting with the EU when the Scottish hierarchy want another independence vote and wish to split the United Kingdom, we don’t hear a squeak about that.

Mr G Beck