SAJID Javid penned another of his letters in last week’s Advertiser, telling us what a wonderful job his government is doing for our young people. He is living in a different universe from the rest of us.

One of the fundamental tasks of your government is to ensure the building of enough houses for people to live in. Because successive governments have failed to do this, house prices have continued to rise so steeply that young people are priced out of the market. In order to get on the housing ladder many have been forced to take on a 40-year mortgage. This means that they will end up paying £60,000 more interest than with a 25-year loan, thus extending their debt into their old age. In many cases we have to add to this the £50,000 debt that students leave university with. This is the real world, Mr Javid, not the one you write about.

For most young people home ownership is an increasingly unattainable dream.

Neil Holmes Redditch