MY HUSBAND and I have recently been to see Pasha (Strictly Come Dancing professional) at the Redditch Palace.

What a fantastic show not only dancing, but another artiste who sang brilliantly and the audience loved it.What a night when three female volunteers were invited up to to waltz with Pasha. I have passed my exams in bronze silver and gold in ballroom dancing (admittedly over 50 years ago !) and have never seen a waltz like that.

Rather raunchy. But what a laugh it gave the audience.

Redditch Palace is fantastic and praise and thanks to all the performers ,staff from front desk to behind the scenes to make this a night we and a lot of others will remember, judging from the applause, for a long time to come.

Especially Pasha being shown how to wiggle in the right places courtesy of the three good sporting volunteers.

Redditch citizens go to the Redditch Palace as they have a wide variety of different acts and such a lovely place to be in, a true “palace”.

Mr & Mrs Cummings Redditch