DAVID Cameron is to spend £9 million of our money on a one-sided leaflet on Europe to go out to every household.

This is on top of other support for the ‘In’ campaign, hardly making it a level playing field.

For balance, local people and businesses might be interested in reading a free download, an outline plan showing how trade and jobs could be preserved after Brexit.

‘Flexcit – The Market Solution’ draws on extensive research to show how we could manage practicalities on matters such as international agreements and regulations, and restore independent policies.

There are even ideas for giving more power back to people.

The model plan is not a strait-jacket – it is flexible enough to be adapted to changing conditions.

It can be found on www.brugesgroup.com (towards the end); information on the printed copy is also available on 020 7287 4414.

Mark Taylor

Campaign Manager New Alliance