I FEEL I must make a statement about the EED. I like to call them the European Economic Conmen.

There has been an awful lot of scaremongering going on about how we might lose jobs if we leave the EEC. But being an EED member has already wiped out various industries inside the UK.

Countless jobs have been lost due to EEC policies - jobs in fishing, farming, the coal industry has almost gone, the mass car gone and now our steel industry is under threat, MCCW train maker in Birmingham sold down the river by the French...when will all this madness stop?

Here is news of more EEC madness, we in Britain are very close to losing power in the winter because we have very little power reserves due to closing down our local coal fired power stations - we also can’t use British coal because EEC says it pollutes too much.

Now lets look at the Greeks, with the two German companies Siemens and Krupp running the utility companies in Greece they use giant cutting machines in open cast mining for poor quality coal to be used in the power stations, this is approved by the EEC. It’s one rule for them and one rule for us.

Vote Leave to end the EEC circus.

Les Rogers

Church Hill