OH DEAR, I appear to have upset someone called Nigel Braithwaite, concerning my views on banning immigrants and foreign children from a small town like Redditch.

My letter was in response to a sensible letter from a sensible gentleman called Mr M Hughes who I agreed with 100 per cent.

We are all entitled to our own thoughts, views and opinions, and this is what I call proper English common sense and behaviour which is why we live in a beautiful; part of the UK.

By the way Nigel, I have recently been diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia, a very rare condition which causes severe memory loss, nothing else.

But you stated my letter displays small minded bigotry, no it doesn’t, not to me anyway, your responsible letter attitude and words sicken me and disgust me and probably millions of other sensible true Brits, who don’t want this beautiful country overcrowded.

David Jeffries Church Hill