CONGRATULATIONS Mr M Hughes for your recent letter concerning refugees possibly arriving in Redditch.

I agree 100 per cent with your thoughts and its nice to hear from someone sensible, with a brain like my own and possibly millions of other true Brits.

I’ve lived here for 69 years but I have never witnessed such a large amount of chaos on its way to England.

Every time I see David Cameron on tv I shout “Ay, you! Get us out of the EU!”

I can’t see us coping, as when you think about it, how are all these foreign children who will dominate our schools going to be taught English?

And its quite obvious our hospitals and surgeries will become over crowded, even more than they are now which is bad enough already as I have to wait four weeks to see my favourite doctor.

I once thought David Cameron was going to do the right thing and ban immigrants from coming over here and I thought he would be sensible to get us out of the EU.

But it looks like he’s changed his mind and done a U turn.

So I suggest we all shout at him “Ay you, do another U turn”, but do it in the right direction to please all the English people who voted for you.

I don’t think many, if any English voters will vote for you again.

David Jeffries Church Hill Redditch