HOPEFULLY it’s clear to Redditch Advertiser readers that no-one is asking them to welcome a Syrian refugee into their own home, in the way that you might house your mother-in law at Christmas.

Redditch is likely to welcome two or three Syrian families into rented accommodation, helping them flee the crisis in Syria. Bravo! For years people have been migrating to our area to enrich our culture.

Where’s the worry? Meanwhile, Britain has been staking claim to the world, stripping it of assets like oil, meddling and making huge profit for the mega-rich.

It’s not people we should fear, it’s government and its chums.

Why blame migrants for the death rattle of the NHS, when it’s clearly being sold-off by Westminster.

Rather than putting-up barriers to hosting intelligent young internationals, why aren’t we challenging our government on why they slash services for Britain’s poorest.

For many, including HRH Prince Charles, the significant factor in the current Syrian crisis is climate change.

And this is something that the UK has a responsibility in addressing.

Syria recently suffered their worst drought on record, for five years!

And although Syria’s not a poor country, the collapse of the nation’s agriculture led tens of thousands of Syrian’s to migrate to cities.

With overcrowding, mass unemployment and poverty, cities became fervent with social unrest.

The nation’s frustration with their government has ultimately led to the Syrian civil war. It’s not a war where you join your own country’s army to fight, it’s on the streets.

As for Britain’s streets, they’re culturally amazing! Think diversity.

Think reggae, noodles, balti and pizza. Think, what’s our responsibility?

Welcome Syrians I say.

Alistair Waugh Webheath