I THINK it's appalling that refugees are being allowed into this county.

This county and indeed this country is already overcrowded with new houses going up all over the place destroying the countryside.

At the same time services are being cut and council tax is going up yet authorities have the audacity to allow refugees in who will have everything provided to them which British people have to work hard for.

It may be the bloated foreign aid that's funding them but this is still taxpayers money that should be diverted to British people in need. The whole idea of paying tax is to benefit the society you live in - not to fund other countries development and pay for foreigners.

It is not our 'duty' to help them at all. It is not our problem and we haven't caused the problems in Syria.

Typically the authorities have backed down to the demands of the loud mouthed left-wing liberals. To make things worse these refugees are not integrating into the societies that are moving in to.

They have a different set of morals to civilised Western society. We must stop the erosion of British culture and tradition and must take pride in our values and way of life. I am very concerned about the future of this country and for my young nieces and indeed other children growing up here.

I fear that if the authorities don't take this seriously soon there will riots akin to a civil war.

There is already a growing problem with radical Islam here and fundamentalists who have no intention of integrating. Letting in thousands of these refugees is only going to further exacerbate this problem.

Lee Price