YOUR government has suggested that the hours of 7am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday should represent normal working hours for junior doctors. Your government also suggests that we are “all in this together”.

How then, do you explain the recent 10 per cent pay rise awarded to MPs, the late start of 9.30am for parliament sitting, an average finish time of 7pm, and a Friday finish – with only four Saturday sittings since 1939. Oh, and a meal allowance of working beyond 7.30pm, and free taxi if finishing after 11pm. The average parliament hours last year was its lowest since 1979 – it certainly does not seem befitting of a 10 per cent pay rise.

We clearly are not all in this together.

MPs have repeatedly refused the independent review body recommending doctors salary increases, but then claim you have no say over your own pay rise, as it is an independent review body decision.

Dr Steve Colley

King George Avenue