CAMPAIGNERS have been in Worcester city centre this evening to protest against Donald Trump's immigration crackdown.

The rally, which attracted dozens of protestors, has been taking place outside the Guildhall as similar demonstrations took place nationally.

Last Friday, Mr Trump signed an executive order to halt all refugee admissions and temporarily bar people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the USA.

Since then, a petition calling for a ban on the president making a state visit to the UK has gathered more than a million signatures.

Samm Hale, who lives in the Arboretum and who helped organise the event, said: "People are just concerned that Theresa May is not putting the interests of our country before her trade deals.

"I'm not naive, I understand Britain feels it need to maintain its relationship with America.

"What does it say about us if we just turn a blind eye to what he [Trump] is doing?"

Ms Hale also called on Worcester MP Robin Walker to encourage Mrs May to be more vocal in her objection to Trump's controversial policies.

"He should be standing up and saying our government should be more vocal and defending what is morally right," she said.

Mr Walker said: "The Government has already been raising some concerns about the policy.

"I think we should be taking every opportunity to engage with the US. We need more engagement, not less."

At the event around 60 protesters chanted 'build bridges not walls' and 'rights for all', holding banners and placards with slogans saying 'no human is illegal, and 'we want peace'.

Amanda Black, an American who lives in Worcester, said: "I have been watching the news and felt like I wanted to do something.

"If people keep coming out to protests like this, it could make a difference."

Leisa Taylor, of the Women's Equality Party, who also organised the event, added: People say 'how will this make a difference to Trump and what he is doing?

"This is about showing solidarity, and that the people of Worcester do care."

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