TRADE has been better than usual for a Saturday at one Herefordshire pub which reopened today after months of lockdown.

Tess Derry, of the The Queens Arms in Bromyard said she was pleased with how the reopening had gone as the pub welcomed customers back.

"It has been nice, it has been steady, but we're going to close at 10pm tonight, just to keep a lid on it," Tess said.

"It's been really good to get people through the door to have a pint. Most people are just out for a quiet drink. I know there's been a lot of talk about it getting out of hand, but I don't think it will here, and we won't let it - we have got security coming on at 6pm."

Like establishments across the county, there are social distancing measures in place, and the pub has implemented a one-way system.

"This afternoon has been better than your average Saturday, but it's been a nice atmosphere," Tess said.

"People have been following the arrows, and we have managed to get a one way flow, but it is all so different, particularly for regulars!

"At lunchtimes we get a lot of the older generation in, and it's quite a long way for some of them to walk, but they've got it and we have been giving our customers guidance.

"I think it will be later on that we will have to enforce it, but there's a limit to how many people you can have anyway, so once you reach that it's a case of saying sorry, we're full to capacity at the moment, you can't come in.

"It's just about being responsible, really. We're taking contact details, and nobody has refused, we've had no issues with that. People seem to know they're expected to give contact details. So far, it has been really good."