THE chairman of Worcestershire Pride is relieved to finally get payment from an events operator.

Mathew Skilbeck, chairman of Worcestershire Pride, said LSD Promotions has owed the non-profit organisation over £600 since 2018.

The company ran the market stalls for Worcestershire Pride in 2017 and 2018, however still owed money from 2018, despite several reminders for the payment, says Mr Skilbeck.

Mr Skilbeck said: “It’s disheartening when something like this happens. Pride is all about the community and helping others.

“We are not for profit, so every penny that comes into Pride goes to putting on the events, which when we expect a payment from a company then don’t get it, we have to make certain cutbacks.

“They said that the 2018 event had heavy rain, so the event was quieter than expected so their stall holders didn’t make enough money.

“They apparently gave refunds to certain stalls, which resulted in them not being able to make a payment to us. In 2017 they paid up, that was fine, but they failed in 2018 and we repeatedly tried calling them and emailing them.

"This is the reason why in 2019 we planned and organised our own market stall which was a huge success."

However, LSD Promotions has said the outstanding amount of £633.75 will be paid after the Worcester News contacted the company.

A LSD Promotions spokesman said: “Because there was a change in finance manager at LSD and a change in organiser at Worcestershire Pride, and due to Worcestershire Pride never raising an official request for payment, pro forma or an invoice, this amount was not settled, as it would not have been registered in our creditors system.”

Mr Skilbeck said he would be relieved if the payment is made as it would help Pride financially to plan next year's event.