STOURPORT residents have shared their frustration after rubbish was left in a park by a large group reportedly seen 'flouting' social distancing rules.

Photographs of barbecue equipment and nitrous oxide canisters left at the Memorial Park have been shared on social media.

Residents called the police to report the mess, with one person saying they saw around 19 youngsters stood close together yesterday evening (Sunday, May 31).

The resident said: "The mess that was surrounding them was ridiculous, several people rang the police and were waiting for them to arrive."

Others took to social media to share their 'disgust,' with one user saying: "What is wrong with people? So selfish and ignorant".

Another said: "This is disgusting. No respect whatsoever." One called it "shocking" but they said they were "not surprised".

Another called the actions "disgraceful".

Redditch Advertiser:

Responding to the reports, Inspector Dave King said: “I really appreciate the support that the communities across Stourport have shown during the Covid-19 lockdown for the last ten weeks and continue to show as we move forward into the new guidelines.

"It’s been great to see the vast majority of people abiding by the guidance to minimise the spread of infection.

“Now we are able to spend more time outdoors, there is an opportunity to see more friends and family.

"It’s still really important though that each of us needs to take responsibility for doing so sensibly, safely and within the parameters set out by the Government.

“We will continue to engage with the public where required just as we did yesterday when we did attended reports of a large number of young people gathered in Memorial Park in the evening.

“If you are meeting friends or family in the park or in the countryside, please remember to do so safely, dispose of all litter and any reports of criminal or ant-social behaviour will continue to be thoroughly investigated.”