AS some industries in Herefordshire have been told to close by the Government to slow the spread of coronavirus, farmers have little option but to carry on.

Farmers have lost trade from big customers including the likes of Costa and McDonald’s as they shut their doors, but animals still need to be looked after.

For the chairman of the National Farmers’ Union in Herefordshire, he says the industry is facing several challenges.

While he said the economy is “in meltdown”, farmers cannot afford to stop as “animal welfare supersedes everything else”.

Bill Quan said: “We’ve got to keep farming, stay safe and not take any risks we don’t have to.

“We’ve got customers that we’ve got to keep serving. The world goes around with money and we can’t do without it.

“The confidence to get people to work is difficult, everybody has got an extended family and anyone who gets a bit of a sniffle thinks they’ve got the virus.

“The hardest thing for us is getting supplies and getting our product out to market.”

Mr Quan, who farms near Pontrilas, added: “There is certainly a big problem that a big part of the market place is shut, in that the catering market is very much not happening.The coffee shops and restaurants have had a big impact on milk sales.

“The rise in retail sales will not make up for the loss in the catering and food service sector.

“It’ll take us a long time to get over this.”

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