A BEWDLEY woman has given herself the self-isolation challenge of climbing the height of Everest on the stairs of her flat to support the global fight against coronavirus.

Amy Jansen will attempt to walk the 15 steps from her front door to her landing 3,872 times on May 16 to equal the 58,070 steps it takes to climb Earth's highest mountain.

The 31-year-old professional opera singer described any form of exercise as a "foreign prospect" and is now attempting to train for the gruelling Everest Challenge while in lockdown.

Amy told The Shuttle: "I saw an article on a gentleman called Elisha Nochomovitz who ran a marathon on his balcony in March and the idea came from a joke I made with my dad about how far could I walk on our stairs - and Everest is about as high as you can get!

"The idea grew from there into live-streaming a one-day event and I'll be ticking off all the world's highest peaks on the way.

"I've never done any long distance or endurance events before, in fact exercise is more or less a foreign prospect, but being stuck at home, it appealed to me to do something that really pushed me to expand my boundaries while isolated."

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Amy is aiming to raise £58,070 - £1 for every step - for the World Health Organisation's Covid-19 relief fund to support developing countries to fight the virus.

Amy added: "This outbreak threatens to economically devastate developing countries which don’t have the infrastructure and stability to support themselves during a pandemic."

Donations can be made through the GoFundMe page Round the World in 15 Steps or people can sponsor Amy by step.

People can follow Amy's training journey on social media using the #WalkWithAmy.