AN investigation has been launched after a passenger train crashed into a derailed locomotive near Bromsgrove railway station.

A three coach train travelling from Cardiff Central to Birmingham New Street approached the station when it collided with a locomotive that had become derailed at the end of a siding.

The rail collision happened just before 11pm on Monday, March 21.

The passenger train suffered significant damage along the side of all three vehicles, although it did remain on the track.

There were four passengers and two crew members on board the passenger train and no injuries have been reported.

The locomotive had just travelled from Bescot to Bromsgrove, required to assist heavy freight trains up the 1 in 37 Lickey incline to the north of the station.

It derailed as it ran through the buffers at the end of the siding and stopped with its front left corner foul of northbound trains.

The driver of the locomotive was not injured in the collision, although the locomotive suffered damage to the corner of the leading cab.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch says their investigation will "identify the sequence of events which led to the accident".