HALESOWEN Town boss Paul Smith says the Football Association’s eagerness to complete this season’s competitions gives him hope the Yeltz’s historic campaign will not end in vain.

With the football league season cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, the fate of Halesowen’s FA Trophy semi-final with Concord Rangers is still up in the air.

Smith said: “With the sides we have beaten away from home - Halifax, Maidenhead, Barnet, all Step 1 non-league teams on an out-of-this-world run - it would be really gut-wrenching if it was all for nothing.

“It would be a crying shame for us to get as far as we have for it to just be scrapped.

“But there is plenty of time yet - the FA have only got three games to fit in for the Trophy to be played and they have sent us an email saying they are desperate for it to finish.

“So we are still clinging on to the hope that, even if the league doesn’t get finished, that there will still be a chance to fit the Trophy games in.”