Rising indie pop artist Cavetown will release his major label debut album ‘Sleepyhead’ today, Friday March 27, via Sire Records .

Written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Cavetown himself in the bedroom of his London apartment - rather in keeping with these lockdown times - the eleven song collection includes fan favourites ‘Things That Make It Warm’ , ‘Feb 14’ and ‘Telescope’ .

It also features eight new tracks, including the lead single ‘Sweet Tooth’ which is out today, and ‘Snail’ featuring Chloe Moriondo .

A spokesman said: "Cavetown distilled his energy on Sleepyhead into what really moves fans: the songs themselves, occasionally light-hearted, largely poignant - but always authentically him."

And what does the man himself have to say?

He explains, “Ultimately, everyone has the same struggles when we boil it down, even if the details are different. That’s what I’m trying to get across with my music. It’s basically just me telling myself what I need to hear.”