KIND-HEARTED heroes have signed up in droves to back the NHS’s ‘volunteer army’ to help during the coronavirus crisis.

They will be manning phones, delivering vital supplies and helping out hospital staff with admin, among other tasks.

On Tuesday the government appealed for 250,000 volunteers to help 1.5 million people, who have been asked to shield themselves from coronavirus because of underlying health conditions.

In less than 48 hours that target was not only smashed, but doubled as more than half a million signed up. Among the vital work the helpers will be completing will be delivering food and medicines, getting patients to their appointments and calling on those who are isolated.

Zac Blood, who lives in Warndon Villages and appeared on Good Morning Britain speaking about the scheme, said: “I saw the appeal and thought 'I have no underlying health conditions, I’m in a position where I can help', so I joined up.

“I ran with the Olympic torch for my volunteering, I like to keep busy, so it appealed to me as I’m that sort of person.

“I think in Britain we have a history of stepping up and enlisting during a time of tragedy. I have friends who are paramedics, doctors and nurses and I wanted to do my bit.

“I’m in a position to do deliveries, and help with their administration - because doctors and nurses on wards shouldn’t need to be spending time filling out forms.

“If you are able to, I would definitely encourage others to join up.”

The 31-year-old added that his mum, Mandy, would also be taking part in the scheme by calling in on vulnerable people and helping them during this period.

Jacqueline Frances, another county resident who contacted us to say she had signed up, said: “I’ve volunteered to help with community deliveries and phone call support.

“I have time and am currently healthy so thought it was the right thing to do.”

Stephanie Charlotte said: “I have signed up to volunteer, just waiting to hear back regarding when I can start.

“I have volunteered to be a check in and chat volunteer, talking to those who are self-isolating and at risk of loneliness.

“I’m a trainee counsellor and so feel I can offer a listening ear during this time.”

Jess Nightingale is another who is taking part. She wrote: “Hoping to be of use in rural areas.”

Sinead Rees added she had signed up, saying simply: “I want to do my bit for the community.”

Worcester MP Robin Walker tweeted: “Brilliant response to this national call for volunteers - so impressed with this and know it will make a real difference.”

And Mid Worcestershire MP Nigel Huddleston added: “This is a huge coordinated effort to try and ease the pressure on our NHS and NHS workers.

“If you have any time to spare or have been thinking of getting involved but weren’t sure who to contact, then this really is an opportunity to make a difference.”

Anyone who wants to become an NHS Volunteer Responder and join the NHS’s trusted list of volunteers can do so by visiting and adding your details to the NHS section.

Latest government guidance on Coronavirus

Coronavirus symptoms to watch out for

- A high temperature

- A new, continuous cough

If you have these symptoms (no matter how mild)

- Stay at home for 7 days (self-isolation)

- Everyone else in your household should not leave the house for 14 days

- Stay away from any ‘at risk’ people

Extremely vulnerable people

- Check if you are on the list of ‘extremely’ vulnerable people. It includes those with cancer or who have had transplants and other conditions

- If you are, you should not leave home for the next 12 weeks (shielding). Food packages will be provided for you


- Stay at home as much as possible

- Avoid gatherings with family and friends

- Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds

- If you have to leave your home, stay 2 metres away from others at all times (social distancing)

Check for more information and updates

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