SHROPHIRE Green’s are hoping that the decision of the council in neighbouring Herefordshire to support a 20 miles per hour speed limit in built up areas will result in a change of heart.

Ludlow Town Council has backed a 20mph speed limit throughout the town but this does not have the support of Shropshire Council.

An active ‘twenty is plenty’ campaign has been mounted in Ludlow.

Shropshire Council rejected 20mph at its council meeting in December 2019 and is now one of a rapidly falling numbers of councils that reject public health advice and reject the need to protect children in road traffic, according to the Green Party.

They say that statistics show that when a child is hit at 30mph 50 per cent die but this falls to 10 per cent if they are hit at 20mph.

“We are delighted that our Green Party colleagues in Herefordshire were able to persuade full council to support 20mph and remain astonished that Shropshire’s councillors rejected 20mph last December thereby failing to improve quality of life for Shropshire’s residents, ignoring advice from public health experts, including the World Health Organisation, and failing to better protect pedestrians and cyclists of all ages, including children, as well as failing in their legal duty to improve road safety,” said Hilary Wendt, co-ordinator for the Green Party.