Name of Business - Miss Fish

Address - 1 Hagley Road, Halesowen, B634PU

Telephone - 01215508078

Website -

Social Media - Facebook @MissFish1

Opening Hours - Tuesday - Saturday 11.45 - 9pm


Who are you? Peter Michael

When did you open and why? 1979, my Auntie and Uncle, Cos & Demi Michael opened the shop, Fish & Chips had been in our family since my grandfather came to England in the 1940s, and this was a good opportunity for them to create an Established business in the centre of a great community.

Tell us about your business - we have been family run since we opened, and we just focus mainly on good quality British traditional fish & chips. We also offer kebabs which are again high quality, we don't want to venture too far into the world of fried chicken and pizza, as we want to keep our focus on the best Fish & Chips around! We also offer delivery service through JustEat, UberEats & Deliveroo. This is more recent as we are now in a time where it is difficult to survive without offering this convenience.

How did you decide on the name? My Uncle said they were just discussing names, my auntie said Miss Fish, and they liked it, and we have never looked back!

Who works there? Myself, three part-time local ladies, and my 68-year-old mother helps out twice a week cause she gets bored at home since retiring. Dad on the other hand is happy putting is feet up!

Who are your customers? Throughout the day we have lots of shoppers passing by who can't resist the smell of our curry sauce and it tempts them in. In the evenings we probably have a 90% regular customer base, generally local residents but several come from surrounding towns and villages, Quinton and Tomsley to name only two.

What’s your most memorable / proudest moment in business? I'm sure there have been many proud moments over the years, but for myself it was just last week, when we were named in the top 10 customer rated Fish & Chip shops in the whole of the black country! It was a nice surprise to come across when reading the news.

Have you had any strange/ quirky suggestions or stories from customers? We are forever getting strange requests, too many to bring up! At Christmas however someone did ask about battered minced pies! We done these, put them on the menu over the festive period and they were a great success! They even made black country radio, who came in and tried them live on air!

What are your ambitions for the future?We just want to continue doing what we do best, great fish & chips. My main aim is to be known as the best, I have achieved 'one of' the best, I just wanna take that extra step to number 1! 


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