FOUR hundred and twenty trees are to be planted next weekend as a village attempts to become carbon neutral.

People living in Hanley Swan are taking on the challenge, planting trees at The Grange, Roberts End, after the village made the commitment to become carbon neutral in just six years in November.

Land has been made available by Howard Hutchings and the trees are being donated by Steve Harvey of the Let’s Plant company.

The trees will be planted on Saturday, March 7 starting at 10am. Work will carry on all day.

Planting trees was one of the methods discussed at a meeting held in the village to discuss different ways to make it carbon neutral by 2025.

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Villagers have joined other towns and district councils in committing to the move - but most have given themselves a longer timeframe until 2035 or 2050.

More than 50 people of all ages turned up for the meeting on November 28 to hear guests speak on various topics including greener energy methods for housing, tree planting and different options for reducing the carbon footprint of the village. Also on the agenda were the advantages and disadvantages of the different “greener” methods of heating the home such as biomass boilers, as well as a discussion around transport and having a car club, which would see residents share cars to reduce traffic on the roads.

After the meeting, there was a panel discussion from the various speakers with questions from the audience.

Topics raised include planting trees and re-using plastic more efficiently.