MADAM - Last night the elected councillors of Dudley Metropolitan Borough failed to pass a motion to declare a Climate Emergency.

They didn't even vote on the motion!

Climate change debate at Dudley Council ends in protest

There was, however, time for the ruling Conservative grouping to propose an amendment designed to avoid committing the Council to achieve a zero carbon footprint by 2030.

The motion did not come up for debate until 8.45pm, with the meeting due to finish at 9.15. Whether by accident or design, this inevitably meant that there was insufficient time to consider and vote on such an important motion. Equally, it is disappointing that in this day and age, climate crisis or no climate crisis, at 9.15 everything stops so that the councillors can go off to their cocoa and slippers.

As a nation we are facing the gravest crisis since World War Two. Global heating will destroy the prosperity of all of us if we don't take remedial measures urgently. So it is strange that the Conservatives, are so relaxed about the problem.

The truth is that any leader worth his salt would have recognised the gravity of the situation and already declared a Climate Emergency. Conservatives last night were calling for a need to quantify Dudley's carbon footprint. So, Councillor Harley, leader of the council, why haven't you done this already?

The ship's lookout has spotted the iceberg on the horizon. Unfortunately the captain is below deck, studying plans to refurbish his cabin. If council leaders are too timid to take the bold decisions needed to tackle climate change then they should stand aside.

Your faithfully

Adrian Mabe