RESIDENTS have been asked to give their views on ‘the biggest permit parking scheme’ in Worcester.

County councillor Matthew Jenkins has said his plan for the Arboretum, in Worcester, would stop people from using the area as a free car park for the city centre.

The permit plan, which covers more than 1,200 homes within the scheme, was created over a year ago but has been delayed due to it being ‘such a large scheme.’

Cllr Jenkins said: “We thought it would be ready by Autumn 2019, but it’s taken longer than planned because it’s such a large scheme.

“It’s bigger and a much more complicated scheme.


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“Parking in that area is a complete nightmare, so the scheme will help residents and it will be a nicer environment for those living in the area.”

Cllr Jenkins said the scheme will help reduce pollution, by encouraging drivers to travel into the city by other means, such as public transport or cycling.

He said: “Right now, people pop in their car and when they come back to park their car, they find their space has been taken by another driver from outside the area. People use the Arboretum as a free car park then go into town for shopping or work.”

Under the scheme, residents will have to buy permits to park in Arboretum Road, Barry Street, Chestnut Street, Chestnut Walk, East Street, Flag Meadow Walk, Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne Street, Lansdowne Terrace, Little Chestnut Street, Little London, Little Southfield Street, Lowell Street, Lower Chestnut Street, Middle Street, Northfield Street, Sansome Walk, Shrubbery Avenue, Shrubbery Road, Southfield Street, St Georges Lane North, Tennis Walk, Washington Street, Westbury Street, White Ladies Walk, Wolverton Road and Wood Terrace.

Once the final public consultation is complete, any changes will be incorporated into the scheme and then installation can begin. Signs will need to be installed and road markings added.

Residents have until March 19 to email comments to