A WOMAN has thanked the emergency services for their efficient response after a fire broke out at the kitchen of her golf club.

Angela Leaver, owner of Ravenmeadow Golf Centre, said she’s grateful to the emergency services who responded to the fire which was caused by a technical error on the thermostat of a deep fat fryer.

Two fire engines and one ambulance were at the scene of the fire, which started around 4.05pm on Sunday, February 23 at the club in Hindlip Lane, Worcester.

Mrs Leaver said: “It could’ve been so much worse. It’s scary to think what could have happened.

“We’re so fortunate. People have been messaging me to check up on us. It’s nice to see the community supporting us.”


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Mrs Leaver said a blanket was placed on the fire to prevent it from spreading until the emergency services arrived.

The building’s electrics were turned off and the club then closed for the evening.

The current deep fat fryer is set to be removed by an electrician.

She said: “The fire control centre was really helpful and advised everyone to not enter the kitchen and wait until the fire brigade arrived.

“The firefighters were so calm, they really helped. I am so grateful for them. It was fascinating to see how well they worked.

“They lifted the blanket which then caused it to catch light again. They could see how smoky the kitchen was, so the ambulance came to check on the staff. With the shock of it all, one of the chef’s was seen by a paramedic.

“We are a family-run business and our staff appreciate that. They came back in today and chose to work although I told them not to.”

The club was re-opened as usual yesterday.

In a Facebook post, Mrs Leaver said: “A massive shout out to our emergency services for responding so quickly and efficiently. Ravenmeadow still standing to fight another day. This is exactly why we offer all our local emergency services and NHS staff a £50 discount off our room hire.”