BROWNIES in Moreton-in-Marsh and Chipping Campden have been celebrating the annual Mystical, Mythical and Magical Harry Potter book night this year.

Wizards, witches and Muggles all gathered in Hogwarts (the WI Hall in Moreton-in-Marsh) for two hours of hocus pocus and wizarding fun.

Spokesman Daphne Walton said: "The Brownies decorated their very powerful and magical wands, which we then used it to make a mysterious mythical exploding potion.

"We managed to be protected from the Hungarian Horn-tailed Dragon during the first task of the Tri-wizard Tournament and then we had to make a pretty sparkly enchanted elixir charm necklaces which were wore around our necks whilst searching in the Black Lake.

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"A game of Quidditch rounded things off. It was then time to leave ‘Hogwarts’ and take the wonderful memories of a fun night home.

"As Barn Owl from Moreton in Marsh Brownies, I'd like to thank not only the 22 Brownies for enjoying their evening so much, but also Rose and Charlotte, the Guide helpers, Panda from Moreton and Brown Owl and Peacock from Chipping Campden for all their help as the evening could have not happened without them."

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