RESIDENTS of Townsend Avenue in the Norton Area of Bromsgrove braved the storm on Sunday to protest at a 'hazardous' junction.

The event, arranged by Lib Dem District Councillor Rob Hunter, had a turnout of around 70 residents, all expressing their frustration at the junction of Townsend Avenue.

Residents say the junction is consistently obstructed by cars parked nearby making it difficult for drivers to turn into Birmingham Road, or pedestrians crossing the road as they are unable to see oncoming traffic.

Residents want to see parking restrictions extended as their view is increasingly restricted by parked vehicles especially following the new development at Norton Farm.

Councillor Hunter who lives around the corner on Hawthorn Road demanded action from Worcestershire County Council.

He said: "Along with a number of local residents I’ve been asking for action on this for months but nothing has been done.

"This junction really has become so very dangerous. The county council must act now before something terrible happens. I thank the local residents for their support and braving the terrible weather to make a stand."

Resident Dean expressed concern for his two teenage daughters, one of whom had recently passed her driving test and the other of which is learning.

He described the junction as "problematic and unnerving." He said: "It is an accident waiting to happen."

Soroush, who had a car accident after turning out of the obstructed junction which caused £7,000 of damage to his car, said: "we shouldn’t need to see someone killed on the road for someone to do something.’

In 2001 a teenage driver was fatally injured at the same junction after parked cars on the road forced vehicles onto the other side of the road.

Recently appointed Lib Dem Chairperson Joshua Robinson said "It was fantastic to see the community coming together like this to demand that our roads are made safer."

Councillor Hunter and other Lib Dem activists are pushing the Conservative controlled county council to listen to residents’ concerns and take urgent action.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: “We’re aware of residents’ concerns regarding parking at the junction of Birmingham Road and Townsend Avenue.

"Following a request from the local Councillor Rita Dent, Worcestershire Highways have re-evaluated this junction, it has been agreed that we will look into the possibility of extending the yellow lines.”