A YOUNG Sedgley musician wowed shoppers at Merry Hill with his self-taught piano skills.

Joe Thomas was shopping at the centre with his mother when he decided to have a go on the public piano and belt out his favourite 1950s rock and roll classics.

His electric performance proved a hit with shoppers who loved his take on 'Great Balls of Fire' and 'High School Confidential'.

Joe said: "The piano was just there I couldn't resist it. As soon as I see a piano in public I can't help myself.

"I was quite nervous and a bit reluctant but people came round to watch, I even got some of them dancing."

The 20-year-old only started learning the piano a year and a half ago and is completely self-taught.

He doesn't read music but can also play the guitar and ukelele.

Joe says the public reaction to his performance has boosted his confidence to continue playing live.

He is now working to become to a full-time musician and is booked to play his beloved 50s music at vintage festivals all over the country.

Take a look at Joe's electrifying performance in the video above.