My life was recently saved by the NHS.

It was saved by the briskly efficient ambulance team and by the resuscitation, intensive care and ward teams at Hereford County Hospital, where I was admitted with pneumonia.

I must highly praise the doctors and nurses on these teams who cared for me and prevented me from dying.

How can I possibly thank them enough for what they did?

I am, of course, absurdly grateful, but how does one express such feelings to such an anonymous collection of dedicated medical professionals?   

Sadly, I won’t have the opportunity to shake the hand of each individual who cared for me and treated me with such compassion, humanity, decency and dignity.

However, I wouldn’t want any one of them to feel un-appreciated and so a cover-all letter of thanks and gratitude such as this seems to be the best I can do.

I am also indebted to the decent people of Fownhope, who helped and supported my wife during a time when she thought I was dying.

Nick Kingsford

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