Having read the recent articles in the Hereford Times with regard to Personal Independence Payments (PIP), I thought I would write to tell you of my experience, having recently undergone the transition from DLA (Disability Living Allowance) to PIP for my son.

Having originally been awarded DLA indefinitely, which in my book meant that whoever was responsible for that decision could see that his needs were unlikely to decrease in the future, it was still deemed necessary to start the whole process over again to apply for PIP.

Having completed the application, I made it perfectly clear that my son needs 24/7 care for all his needs, to keep him safe and cope with everyday needs. I also sent corroborating evidence from his annual review with the social worker.

However, to give examples, he was awarded a possible one out of eight points for help with his medication.

Over the course of a day he takes eight different medications which I have to administer correctly at the appropriate time of day and ensure he takes them, how can that only warrant one point?

He was also given four out of a possible eight for preparing food. He is an uncontrolled epileptic, so it would not be safe to allow him to cook a meal and so it goes on!

Who are these people responsible for making these decisions and causing such distress? Fortunately, my son has someone to speak up for him, how many don’t?

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