After reading Herefordshire Council's comments regarding potholes in recent editions of the Hereford Times I feel I have to reply about this.

They say all A and B roads are inspected every month and potholes reported.

Can I suggest the inspectors get some retraining on what is a pothole if they are reported, and the people they report to should get some training on how to react to a report.

At the top of Bromyard bypass to the boundary of the Hereford road and boundary of the Leominster road is a disgrace, and the A44 to Leominster is also riddled with potholes.

In Leominster the roads are in a terrible mess: the worst outside two opticians, a good place perhaps for someone to visit before inspecting the roads.

I know this the tip of the iceberg all over Herefordshire.

When there is a hole filled in it is done in a way that in a month or so the pothole is back. This is not cost effective and costs more in the long run than doing the job properly in the first place.

I don’t know if any work that is carried out is checked to see the standards are expected when money is being spent.

If I was in charge of contractors who are responsible for the upkeep of our roads in Herefordshire I would be quite embarrassed.

Don Collins

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