A WOMAN is refusing to move into a flat until mould that she claims could put her health at risk is removed.

Sarah Adams says she suffers from chronic asthma so the idea of moving in to the Platform Housing property was a “non-starter.”

But the housing association says at the time of allocation “the property was at a lettable standard,” and at the time of signing the tenancy it was noted there was some staining to the flooring.

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Mrs Adams said she was given the keys to the flat in Rodborough Drive, Warndon, on January 17 after signing a tenancy agreement.

She said: “I saw the mould on the floorboards in a cloakroom, but it also looks to be on the wall as well. It must have built up, maybe behind a washing machine. It is all going to need ripping up.”

Mrs Adams, who was looking to move in on her own, said she was disappointed to not be living there, particularly as for the past year, she has been sofa-surfing between friends and her parents.

“It has not done my depression any good,” she said.

“When I was offered the property I thought it would be great, a new start. But it has not turned out that way. All I want to do is move in and be settled. I don’t think they realised I wouldn’t move in because of my health issues. If I was in there I would be coughing, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. It is a crazy situation, I have a place but I can’t live there. I’m still sofa surfing, I hate that - I don’t want to be a burden on anyone.”

Mrs Adams said the property was not suitable for her children to visit her or for “anyone to be in there.”

Mrs Adams, who is unable to work and receives universal credit, said the waiting for the mould to be removed had only added to her annoyance about the situation.

“When I picked the keys up, even the woman (handing them over) said the mould should have been done before,” Mrs Adams said.

“She said if no one got in touch to give them a call back in a week. I didn’t hear from them, so I called and they said an inspector was coming out to the property anyway. When the inspector came she was going mad about it, and said she would look into it. But after that I was then told it wouldn’t be done until March 5. They know I have got asthma, they know I can’t move in.”

Marc Mayall, Platform’s assistant director of operations, said: “All our homes are fully checked before being let to our customers. On this occasion some staining to the floor caused concern and we agreed to replace it. The staining did not represent any risk to our incoming customer at the point of letting. In response to our customer’s concerns about length of time to complete the repair we have re-arranged the appointment and will be attending this week to replace a small section of floor.”