MANY of us have dreamt of running our own pub, usually when we’ve been ordered to leave the premises come chucking out time.

Despite it being a difficult profession, with unsociable, long hours and difficult punters, a good landlord will make a pub a haven for people of all colour, creeds and walks of life.

Somewhere where they can unwind at the weekend with family and friends, enjoy quizzes, meals or a game of darts.

We don’t know the ins and outs of why Sebastian O’Donnell has decided to move on from the Bedwardine Pub but it is obviously down to a difference of opinion with the brewery.

It’s a shame as he created a warm, thriving atmosphere in his hostelry, which won the first two Worcester News pub of the year competitions.

We hope he is in the running for another award next year at a city pub and the Bedwardine finds a good replacement.

The city needs good locals from the Punch Bowl to the Brewers Arms to keep thriving.

For that they need good landlords.