DRIVERS are furious about a large pothole they say is damaging cars on a Herefordshire road.

One man, Mark Gill, of Ross-on-Wye, said he saw four cars at the scene, all of which had tyre or wheel problems as a result of hitting the hole. He saw a fifth struggling on despite encountering the hazard.

The pothole is on southbound side of the A449 near the Walwyn Arms at Much Marcle.

Driver Jeff Dickson said the wheel of his car had been damaged.

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"I had to fit my spare wheel in the dark and rain. I reported it and intend to claim."

He said the pothole was very difficult to spot in the dark, when drivers faced the lights of cars travelling in the opposite direction.

Herefordshire Council says all A and B roads in the county are inspected every month and the most serious damage is prioritised.

Its partner, Balfour Beatty Living Places, fixed more than 32,000 potholes in Herefordshire last year.

Report urgent pothole issues on 01432 261800 or via the report-it pages on the council’s website.