THE police and crime commissioner is calling for more to be done to tackle assaults against emergency workers as the numbers of incidents continue to rise.

West Mercia Police has seen a seven per cent increase in incidents where the victim was an officer or member of staff, with 180 incidents, of which 53 involved injury, reported in just three months.

Seventeen per cent of the people were repeat victims, with five frontline officers, being a victim four times or more, in just a sixth month period between April and September this year.

New legislation was brought in last year, giving the courts the power to impose stronger sentences, and in the year since 259 charges or summons have been brought.

Commissioner John Campion said: “Through my Behind the Badge campaign, we are seeing progress; sentences are becoming tougher for those who assault emergency workers or animals and my investments in body worn video acts as a deterrent, but there is so much more we, as a society as a whole, can do.

"We are seeing around two incidents every day, and this is just not acceptable. We need to look at the bigger picture, where alcohol and drugs play a part, and make rehabilitation programmes effective. By tackling these underlying problems, we can do more for our communities, and for our hard working emergency workers.”