A BREWERY'S plan to open a new taproom in Malvern looks set to be approved when it goes before council planners next week.

Malvern Hills Brewery wants to convert a kitchen and lounge area next door to its brewery in West Malvern Road into a fully equipped tap room.

Malvern Hills District Council's southern planning committee meets next Wednesday (November 20) to discuss the plan with officers recommending it should be approved.

The brewery said it needs to have a place to sell its beer due to the increase of smaller breweries opening across the country leading to greater competition. It also said it would not be playing music, selling food, have a television or games machine and would only be selling its own beer.

The proposed opening times for the tap room would be 6pm to 10pm on Thursday and Friday and 12pm to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Highways bosses at Worcestershire County Council raised no objection.

West Mercia Police raised no objections and said the plan was "sensible."

A total of 21 objections were raised against the plan with 26 supportive comments submitted.

Some neighbours in West Malvern Road have objected to the plan particularly over concerns about noise, parking problems and extra traffic.

Messages of support said the taproom would help support a local business in Malvern as well as contribute to the wider community and attract tourists.

Frances Casey, sales and marketing director for the brewery, said the venture would be a return to old-fashioned tap rooms offering quality beer in a friendly community setting but would definitely not be a conventional pub.

She said: "A lot of pubs started out from people's homes and kitchens and we want to bring that idea back to Malvern.

"The idea is to provide somewhere to taste the beer and get people together just like it was in the olden days.

"It is not a pub. It is somewhere to taste some really good beer someone who has been doing it for 21 years.

"We won't have loud music playing and we won't be selling hot food or have televisions or games machines. We won't be selling other national brands of lager.

"We just want somewhere for people to enjoy our beer."