SINCE my last column for the Advertiser, Bromsgrove’s police and local NHS services have benefited from the government’s commitment to pressing on with its ambitious domestic agenda, writes Sajid Javid in his Letter from Westminster.

Our local police force has recently recruited an additional 25 new officers to patrol exclusively in Bromsgrove; however, as the Home Secretary announced, regional police numbers are now also set to increase.

Beginning next year, West Mercia has been targeted with recruiting nearly 100 extra police officers, a major boost to our local forces and a fitting example of the Conservative commitment to getting tough on crime.

There was also positive news for our local NHS services, as the Alexandra Hospital received an additional £2.3million, to help carry out its multi-million-pound plan to improve patient care.

Alongside other Worcestershire MPs, I worked hard to ensure the Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust was awarded a £29.7million fund in 2017.

This extra-money will now ensure the plan for renovation and new patient services can go ahead.

There’s more work to be done, but after a decade of recovery, both country and constituency are moving towards a decade of renewal.

As always, whether at a local surgery, email or phone-call, I’m always ready to take on your concerns.