PARENTS are supporting a headteacher who was re-instated after a drink driving conviction.

David Coaché was reinstated to his position at Bengeworth Multi Academy Trust on Monday October 7

Mr Coaché was fined £587 and banned from driving for 23 months.

Emma Canning said: “The parents at Bengeworth are very happy to have him back.

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“With one of the school values being forgiveness. Glad to see we can all forgive him for his mistakes.”

On Facebook Katie Moore said: “Glad to see him back too, he’s excellent at his job.”

Lou Middleton said: “I’m glad they gave him a second chance.”

However some reactions were not as positive.

Teresa Ford said: “Not a good example to give to the children.”

Steve Hampton said: “Teresa Ford yes I agree with u too, board of governors should be ashamed of themselves.”

Andy Martyr-Icke, chair of directors for the Bengeworth Multi Academy Trust, said: “We want to reassure everyone that every step of this process was carried out in view of what is best for the children and our school’s Christian values of friendship, forgiveness, responsibility, respect, perseverance and love.”

Mr Martyr- Icke said the reinstatement of Mr Coaché had been positively received.

He added: “There has been a massive amount of support from the community.

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“We have had unanimously supportive messages from staff.

“All the emails I have received prior to Mr Coaché’s reinstatement and following it have been positive, all of them ask for his reinstatement.”

“We put in place a process that we would follow if any member of staff or member of our school community experienced a similar difficulty or made a similar mistake, with an aim to understand the context and use our values.”

“We continue to believe that Mr Coaché is an outstanding head and a good man who made a bad decision during a bad time in his life.”