ENVIRONMENTAL protestors held a 'die-in' in the city centre after a councillor called for urgent meetings with police to prevent them from blocking roads again.

Extinction Rebellion Worcester held a 15-minute 'die-in' - in which protesters simulated being dead - outside the Guildhall in the city's High Street to raise awareness of the climate emergency and against what it called the threat to their right to protest.

Councillor Alan Amos has called on the city council to arrange an urgent meeting with West Mercia Police to "ensure the city is not subject to any further blockades or disruption from green activists preventing people going about their lawful business."

Emily Bond from Worcester Extinction Rebellion said: “We believe this is an attack on our rights as law abiding citizens to non-violent, peaceful protest.

"Therefore we performed a die-in outside the Guildhall to raise awareness of the climate and ecological emergency, and the threat to our right to protest the inaction of the government and county council to tell the truth and act now with the urgency required.”

Las months, members of Extinction Rebellion from across Worcestershire as well as other environmental protesters blocked crossings in New Road and Worcester Bridge on a busy Friday morning, majorly disrupting the flow of traffic throughout the city centre.

Cllr Amos had strong words for the environmental protesters in September when it was announced they would be blocking roads, calling the protesters "eco-fascists" and called on the "soft-touch" police to arrest them all.

He said: “The people of Worcester will now see what these eco-fascists are like, utterly selfish, keen to disrupt people’s lives and livelihoods, stopping people getting to hospital and GP appointments, and causing extra pollution due to the stationary traffic.

"These thugs know they can’t win their argument through the ballot box and are hell-bent on forcing their intolerant and unrealistic opinions on everyone else."