A WOMAN who harassed supermarket staff, despite being banned from entering, and has been blocked by several charity helplines because of her nuisance calls, now faces a criminal behaviour order (CBO).

Claire Southall had already been barred from entering the Co-operative store in Gresham Road, Dines Green, when she went in and verbally abused staff.

During a hearing at Worcester Magistrates Court last week, prosecutor Emily Clewer said police have applied for a CBO in relation to numerous incidents of antisocial behaviour.

Southall went into the store where she’d already been banned and began “going in and out” and became “abusive to staff” for a full 10 minutes before police were eventually called, Ms Clewer said.

“She spent some 10 minutes being abusive, shouting and screaming,” she said.

The court heard the 37-year-old, of nearby Lear Close, Worcester, had entered the store at around 8pm on September 22 while drinking from a can of lager.

She has three previous convictions from four offences on her record, though has not been before the court since 2013.

Ms Clewer said the CBO has been requested due to the defendant’s various nuisance acts committed in her local community, as well as constant calls to 999 which are preventing “genuine calls”.

While her calls have to charitable helplines have led to her number being blocked.

“It’s collective antisocial behaviour that does need to be addressed,” added the prosecutor.

Asked if she wanted to add any comments during the hearing, Southall, who was representing herself, answered: “No.”

Later she was asked if she is currently working, to which she said: “There’s a problem. I do work but my boss has cancelled my shifts, as I am a danger to myself at work, until I speak to a therapist.” Southall was given a six month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £21, and advised to get a solicitor for her CBO hearing on October 24. CBOs include prohibitions to stop anti-social behaviour.