AN urgent search for new sites for housing in Bromsgrove presents a great opportunity for landowners, a planning expert at a leading property consultancy has said.

Bromsgrove District Council is currently looking to find sites to accommodate 6,500 new homes and significant land for employment to meet demand until 2040 as part of its new Local Plan.

The council has invited all landowners to submit sites they wish to be considered for development through a ‘call for sites’ exercise, which is open until Monday, November 11.

And Greg Collings, from property consultancy Fisher German, is urging landowners to act quickly or risk missing out.

He said: “This is a fantastic chance for landowners in Bromsgrove District to unlock the value of their land and contribute to the future of the district.

“Bromsgrove District Council will need to consider a significant number of sites to ensure they produce the highest-quality plan they can, so it’s important for landowners looking to capitalise on their land’s potential to make themselves heard.

“There is no minimum threshold for site submission, so anyone with land, large or small, can put land forward to the council for consideration."

He added: “Importantly, the council is reviewing the Green Belt boundaries, which means there are likely to be new opportunities for landowners which simply weren’t available before.

“However, we would also encourage landowners to get professional advice to make sure they make the most of this opportunity.

“Often, landowners do not realise the development potential of their land or indeed how to maximise its value."

Landowners wanting advice can call 01905 459470 or email

The Advertiser recently reported that there were fears for the future of the area's green spaces after the controversial 'call out'.

Bromsgrove Council gave the green light to people to put potential building sites forward to the council as it struggles to meet a pressing need for housing.

At a highly emotional meeting, which saw a number of passionate speeches about protecting the town’s green spaces, councillors agreed to invite landowners and developers to offer land for development - despite numerous pleas for the controversial plans to be put on hold.