LEDBURY Primary teachers worked during their summer holidays to rebuild the school library as a fitting memorial to former deputy head, Jill Evans.

The re-vamped library is the second memorial at the school to the much loved teacher, who died in a car crash last January.

A main gate, where she used to stand at the start of each morning and the end of each day, has already been named The Mrs Evans Gate, and it has a plaque to that effect.

Mrs Evans, who was 58 and lived at Walwyn Road in Colwall, died in a crash caused by a tyre pressure problem on a 21-year-old man’s car, last January.

Mrs Evans was a passenger in the back of her daughter’s white Volkswagen Golf, travelling in Oxfordshire with her grandson and husband when the car was hit by a black Mini Cooper driven by Ben Folley, aged 21, who was also killed.

Ledbury Primary’s head teacher, Julie Rees said: “The library was designed and physically built and put together by teachers in the summer holiday!

“We are dedicating the library space to remember Mrs Evans and the adjoining outside space, so we wanted it to be a place where pupils could be relaxed and absorbed in their reading.”

She added: “The funding has been raised through capital funds and the Parents’ and Teachers’ Association.”

Mrs Rees added: “We have used the same space, just in a different way.”

After Mrs Evans’ death, Ledbury Primary School held a special assembly, touchingly called ‘A Hug for Mrs Evans’, to remember all the things they loved about the popular deputy head.

At the time, headteacher Julie Rees said: “Jill had been with the school since 2000. She joked that she came as a supply teacher and ended up staying forever.

“She was a fabulous, wonderful teacher and friend. She had a great sense of humour, but she was never flamboyant; she was kind, with a wonderful way with people, and she was always so well organised.”

The re-vamped library is already a popular spot for the school’s new nursery teacher, Emma Clarke, who takes ‘The Little Wrens’ class; and her pupils love it too.

Mrs Rees said: “Emma frequently visits the new school library with her ‘Little Wrens’ who enjoy looking at the wide range of books and listening to stories.

“The library was built by staff who have designed it as an interactive space where pupils’ curiosity is ignited. Svetlana, the school librarian, is overseeing this magical space where pupils can explore artefacts as well as take a comfortable seat to read their favourite book.”

The school has two open day on Tuesday October 22 and October 23.