MEMBERS of Malvern in Europe are travelling to London tomorrow (Saturday) to take part in a national demonstration.

Malvern in Europe describes itself as a non-party political group which supports a continuing relationship with Europe, a vote on the deal and rejection of a no-deal Brexit.

And Adrian Mealing of the group says that anyone who supports its aims is welcome to join them.

He said: "This week’s stall on Saturday was extremely positive.

"We’ve kept the discussion going in the heart of the Malvern Hills and enjoyed positive and thoughtful encounters with a great range of constituents.

"If you’d like to walk with some friendly Colwall and Malvern faces, meet at the Crimean War Memorial on Pall Mall junction with Regent Street before the noon start and thence the walk to Parliament Square.

"Parliament will be sitting same day to discuss our next steps, the first Saturday sitting since 1982. It’s history in the making. Our history."