If no-one expects The Spanish Inquisition, then nothing prepares you for the high octane music of the Peatbog Faeries, at least according to a music critic for The Scotsman.

An audience can expect "powerful melodies dexterously pumped out with a smart degree of techno attitude, while cross-rhythms ricochet over a heavy bass that hits you forcefully like a massive heart beat.”

So now we know; and the good news is, The Peatbogs have crossed the border for a date at The Cube in Malvern, this October.

A spokesman said: " Peatbog Faeries celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2016 on the back of the critically acclaimed album Blackhouse, and this year sees the release of their new live album Live@25.

"Hailing from the Isle of Skye, the legendary Scottish trailblazers have created a glorious mixture of traditional sounds and dance-floor grooves that have been embraced worldwide. Drawing upon a dazzling myriad of influences from jigs and reels through Dance Music, Jazz, African, and more, they bring the sound of Scotland fresh-faced and breathless to the new audiences around the world. Their mainly instrumental music allows the band to develop exciting themes and soundscapes, as well as locking into their trademark hypnotic ‘Celtic Dance’ sound that no-one can resist moving to!

"From the moment they take to the stage, the mood is set for a no-nonsense feel-good atmosphere –each number sounding like an encore itself. They tease unlikely combinations from the familiarity of instruments such as fiddle and highland pipes –blending with techno rhythms and soaring sounds and take this to another plane."

The date for the diary is Saturday October 26.

Box Office: 01684 575363.