A SHAKEN mum says she owes her life to an alert HGV driver after a near-miss with a motorist going the WRONG WAY down the busy A448 Bromsgrove Highway.

Jade Bradbury was driving from Redditch to Bromsgrove down the dual carriageway – the main route between the towns – when she was almost hit by the campervan around lunchtime today (Friday).

Along with her partner and mother, Jade was on her way to pick up her children when her car was just missed by the errant vehicle - luckily a lorry driver had warned her of the danger.

Jade told the Advertiser: “If we were hit, I don’t think we would have made it to pick the kids up. I’m so grateful to the HGV driver.

“Not long after the Foxlydiate pub bridge, the HGV was flashing us a lot and we were thinking ‘why is he flashing us?’

“Next minute we saw a black car heading into us and luckily we could swerve into the next lane to avoid a head-on smash. I honestly think it could have killed us.”

Jade was not the only motorist who had a near escape – police confirmed to the Advertiser that they had received multiple reports of a VW campervan travelling on the wrong side of the A448 this morning.

They are now appealing for drivers to provide dashcam footage of the offending vehicle.

Anyone with footage of the incident should report it via Operation Snap – details can be found at https://www.westmercia.police.uk/police-forces/west-mercia-police/areas/west-mercia/campaigns/campaigns/2019/operation-snap/

Several drivers took to social media to lambast the driver and comment on their near misses with the vehicle.

One Twitter user said he had ‘nearly got full on demolished’ by the errant driver, while many posters on Facebook shared similar stories.

Several said they had almost been hit by the van, while one claimed: “I only just managed to avoid a head on. Nearly killed me.”

Police have not issued a description of the driver but Jade said the motorist was female and that her vehicle was black.

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: “This morning police received a number of reports of a VW Campervan travelling the wrong way side of the central reservation on the Bromsgrove Highway (A448).

“Thankfully no one was injured as a result but police are working to identify the driver.”